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Copyright and Use Policy

Unless otherwise noted, all materials at hts.StevenWood.com, including the text, HTML code, graphics, files, and overall design are copyright 1997 - by Steven Wood, and are protected by international copyright law, or as credited.

No part of this site, including the text, HTML code, graphics, files, or overall design may be reproduced, copied, stored, modified, republished, downloaded, or distributed in any form without written permission of Steven Wood, except for the conditions below.

Legal restrictions on the use of site:
My site is free to use online, but there are limitations on how the material can and cannot be used. I have added this section at the request of visitors who want to respect my work, but also want to use the site as part of their study and teaching.

Feel free to if you would like to purchase the rights to use the materials beyond the limitations stated below. Any variations to these restrictions must be approved by Steven Wood:

Legal Use:

Individual Users:

  • the contents of this site may be used online for personal use either at home, at an educational institution, or at a company;

  • a limited number of the html pages may be saved temporarily on any single computer for personal, non-commercial home use (educational institutions and other organizations are not included, but may be able to purchase the materials to do so);


  • the materials may be used online at educational institutions, either for individual or teacher-guided instruction;

  • teachers are permitted to make printed copies of a limited number of pages for students for specific activities, and the following copyright notice must appear on each copy:

    Copyright 1997- by Steven Wood (hts.StevenWood.com). All rights reserved.

  • a limited number of pages may be uploaded to another website if prior arrangements are made with the author. The following copyright notice must be visible at the bottom of  each web page:

    Copyright 1997- by Steven Wood (hts.StevenWood.com). All rights reserved.

  • making reference to the site and its activities in workshops or other presentations may be done without permission; however. permission to do so is required if original graphics, screen shots, etc. are used as part of that presentation.

Prohibited Uses Include:

  • copying, modifying, or redistributing files beyond the limitations mentioned whether it be for non-profit or commercial purposes. In other words, you cannot republish the materials in any for whether it be for educational or commercial purposes, even if you cite this website

  • uploading any of these materials to any other website;

  • modifying the materials without permission from Steven Wood. Please contact me if you have any particular suggestions about improving the material;

  • saving the files using any means to a local computer or media for either personal, educational, or commercial use;

  • the uploading of html, text, and graphic files to any server either for storage or redistribution (e.g., you cannot create your own site and load my files there, regardless of whether you identify my site as the original source);

  • uploading and storing the html and/or associated files to a local network, such as a computer lab, whether it be for educational or commercial use;

  • creating a CD of the materials either for personal, educational, or commercial purposes;


All material on this site is copyright 1997- by Steven Wood or as credited. All right reserved. Use of this site indicates you agreement with the  terms of use.
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