March 22

Bl. Benvenute Scotivoli of Osimo


The Holy Benvenutus Scotivoli was born in the 1200s in Ancona in the Marche region in central Italy. He studied law at Bologna under the supervision of St. Sylvester Gozzolini , canon of Osimo. Then he was appointed papal chaplain and before 1262 the archdeacon of Ancona.

August 1263 he became administrator of the diocese of Osimo, which was merged with Uman by Pope Gregory IX (1227-41) as punishment for taking the side of the Emperor Frederick II (1220-1250). He succeeded Giovanni Colonna, which ended many excommunications. He restored the diocese, and the 13 March 1264 Pope Urban IV (1261-1264) raised Benvenutus to Bishop of Osimo.

Before his episcopal ordination, he joined the Franciscans (Ordo Fratrum Minorum - OFM), promises and took the bar. In 1267 did Pope Clement IV (1265-1968), also the civil authorities in Marche di Ancona. During this period, he ordained St. Nicholas of Tolentino . When Benvenutus took over as bishop, all in Osimo were Ghibelline, ie pro-German and pro-imperial, but his prestige was so great that everyone in Osimo was guelfere, ie pro-papal.

Benvenutus was a great reformer. 15 January 1270 he commanded the monastery of San Fiorenzo in Posciavalle, which he had been administrator, to sell its assets. At a synod held on 7 February 1273, he also banned the sale of church property. In 1274 he restored the final chapter of his cathedral and the diocese defended the rights against the city Cingoli. On 24 February of that year he abolished by order of Pope Gregory X (1271-1976) excommunication that Bishop of Fermo had put on Ripatransone. It does not seem like he was an advisor to Pope Gregory X in preparation for the Council of Lyon.

Benvenutus Bishop of Osimo until his death on 22 March 1282 He was buried in the cathedral of Osimo in a marble mausoleum provided by the clergy and people. He was followed by Berardo, appointed on 18 January 1283 by Pope Martin IV (1281-85). In July 1590 his body was transferred to the crypt in the cathedral. When his tomb was the source of great graces and miracles, and the believers in his cult recall statutes of Osimo in 1398, while indulgences was granted in 1432 by Pope Eugenius IV (1431-1447).

Some sources claim that Benvenutus to have been canonised by Pope Martin IV, less than four years after his death, but in reality he was never formally canonized. He was declared patron saint of Osimo in 1755. His memorial day is the day of death 22 March of the diocese and the Franciscan order, and his name is in Silesia.